At Nungwi you will find the beaches and the most beautiful and enchanted island of Zanzibar.
images (2)You’ll see a beautiful place, the colors, the scents of those places will remain forever in your heart
The beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa are surely the most beautiful of Zanzibar.

Nungwi offers nightlife, quaint cafes on the beach. In a decade it has arisen a multitude of shops, restaurants, bars and pensioni.

just opposite the village is increasingly crowded with bathers. friendly and informal environment.

During the day the beaches are crowded with tourists swimming, treating his own tan and relax with massages citronella while the local boys seek customers that images (3)offer their tour, sell their paintings, sunglasses and T-shirts.
In the evening, however, tourists are awakened with striking party, the inevitable bonfire on the beach, the rivers of cocktails and good music until dawn.

Anyone who wants to unwind from a hectic working life or study goes into great resort located at the northern end of Unguja (Zanzibar archipelago).

The attractive force point of the village Zanzibar Nungwi is given by the enchanting landscape that offers tourists: soft white sand, clear turquoise waters, wonderful sparkling sunshine and lush green palm trees.


Before land that meets the Indian Ocean after more than ten thousand kilometers to the west, the fragrant island of spices, has unique beauty both in its interior and below the sea surface.

A gentle people, simple and friendly, lives a world that still seems frozen in time.

Nungwi and ‘known and loved by tourists, not only for the breathtaking sunsets and the sea always available for swimmers.
At Nungwi unlike all the other parts of Zanzibar there ‘always’ treat’. Cafes, restaurants are always open for all “pockets.”images (5)

In the evening if you want to enjoy local bars and nightclubs music are many and of all kinds.

From Kendwa up to Nungwi there ‘great selection of evening entertainment!

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