Safari Tour Villages Kitope, Kidimni, Mchangani, Ndagaa, Kiboje

images (25)Recommended for those who want to totally immerse yourself in the local for a day and learn about the daily life of Zanzibar, following a path away from the tourist sites. Respecting their customs and traditions.

Departure at 8:00, first stop the bars of the village, to have breakfast with typical inhabitants of Chuini. Visit to the Catholic mission of Kitope where Sister Marina will guide you between school and hospital. Continue the tour discovering the craftsmanship of the wood to the village of Kidimni and coconut Mchangani.

Lunch is organized by women of Zanzibar, guests of B & B will involved in to preparations of spiced rice, coconut sauces, vegetables, beans, chapati … This is an opportunity to closely observe the habits and crafts done by women, mud houses of Ndagaa, the children plays, relaxation of men after work in the fields.

Can not miss a visit to the Muslim school where children learn the Qur’an and the mosque Kiboje at the time of prayer.


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