Tanzania – Latham Island + Front Bay Uroa, Jambiani Or Nungwi chasing records

sAn exclusive itinerary, a cruise on a sailboat in search of the imposing Tuna by barnacles or fast boats from deep sea fishing, scuba diving adventure unique in the world in one of the most beautiful scenery of the African continent. Located 45 miles  south of Unguja (Zanzibar), the uninhabited island of Latham is one of the best fishing ponds in the area. 

This island is very popular with local fishermen who bravely run through with their traditional boats sailing the 89 miles that separate it from Dar es Salaam to go this far.

Its waters are Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna, Giant Trevally, Black Marlin, and huge tunas by barnacles. The guides know Latham very well and they know that in a certain period of the year, Dogtooth Tuna congregate here in large quantities. In these waters was caught specimen current spfworld record, a fish of 110 kg.

In addition to the cruise in Latham our itinerary includes a stay in Uroa, a small tourist town from breathtaking beaches located along the central east coast of the island of Unguja, and that is the new frontier for hunting large oceanic fish. Until recently it was exclusive hunting ground of the local fishermen, now, is accessible to all fishing fans in blue and allows you to do extraordinary catches. The route we propose provides a careful choice of the best time for fishing, the best facilities on the ground, great food, proper boat and the best dive guides in the region.

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