Tumbatu is the third largest island, part of the archipelago of Zanzibar and is located download (5)northwest of Unguja. And ‘historically the poorest and most isolated, although is only 2 km from the coast of the island  of Zanzibar  and then has kept the Muslim traditions, especially related to the tribal customs of Shirazi, population coming from the ancient Persia.

The transfer takes place on the island with a typical boat from the fishing village of Mkotoni, where the auction is held a fish more important than Ungujia.

The visit to the island is only allowed with permission issued by three authorities: the tourist office, the local police and the mayor of the Village of Jongowe, who will talk about the hard life of fishing families.

After the meeting, he continues with a visit of the main village where you can observe the life of the islanders, their houses, crafts. Tumbatu is famous for witchcraft: the Waganga, that the images (14)doctors of Bantu origin are sorcerers who still use magical practices and rituals for the treatment of diseases, the negativity and to make favorable the forces of nature. The encounter with a witch doctor will be useful to explain their activities and importance in African societies.

Return to Mkokotoni, the tour continues to Kiwengwa Uroa at a local restaurant on the east coast for lunch and relax on the beach. Visit to the local village and return to your Bed & Breakfast.

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